Whale Watching

A trip to Hervey Bay in the Queensland area is the place to go, if whale watching is on your “bucket list”. See the whales in their natural habitat, with a group of friends, as they make their way to Antarctica is one experience that will be with you for a lifetime.


Booking a boat is easy, BUT, with Aussie Ultimate Tours the experience will be so much more than only a trip to see the Whales.  Hiring a luxury coach bus, allows you and your friends to travel as a group on your way to having a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the whales.



Why Hervey Bay?

You may be wondering why you should head to Hervey Bay as opposed to other areas along the coast. While whales will pass by many other locations, in Hervey Bay these humpback whales spend some time here taking a rest before continuing to their destination. Giving you an excellent chance of not only viewing the whales, but you may see them playing and interacting with each other.


Hervey Bay is also the place where the mothers will teach their newborn calves life skills. As the whales continue to migrate north, the infants will need to learn to survive in the cold waters of Antarctica. Witness first hand as the mothers teach their calves these necessary skills.



What Will I Experience?

On your way to Hervey Bay, you can arrange for stopovers, mentioned it as part of your Coach Tour planning and AUTQLD will plan the route. We have a broad range of options and suggestions to make your trip a rememberable one.


At Hervey Bay, you won’t just get on a boat and hope to see a whale swim by. In fact, it’s not unusual for a group of whales to play, breach and tail slap around the boats. The humpback whales are very playful, so you’ll surely see a show while you watch the whales. Many times, the whales will swim right up to the side of the boat so be sure to have your camera ready.


Whale watching at Hervey Bay is not done in the open sea, as the name suggest Hervey Bay has a bay, where the whale watching takes place. The waters are beautiful and calm, no chance of getting sea sick and more chance to spot whale activity. The bay receives protection from Fraser Island on the east and the mainland of Australia to the south and west, making this a pleasant place to witness humpback whales in nature.



When Is Whale Watching Season?

The best time to see the humpback whales in Hervey Bay is mid-July to mid-November. Most boat charter tours will operate from the end of August until the end of October since the first two weeks of the season are known as “whale searching”.


During the first two weeks, the tour companies can’t guarantee a whale sighting, which is why most will wait to start tours the first of August.



Contact Aussie Ultimate Tours, get a group together, grab your camera and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime witnessing the humpback whales at

Hervey Bay.




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